17cm Round full plant pot set - 6 pots


17cm Round full plant pot set - 6 pots



Product description

17cm round plant pot or 7 inch round plastic plant pot
Individual thermoformed plastic pots.
Low priced but attractive round pots for your young plants before planting on.
Ideal for developing the root of young plants as a long term solution.
Produce by using a thermoformed method, resulting a intermediate flexable plastic that can be used for more than one season.
Comes with 18 holes at the bottom for irrigation.

Carrying trays for (6 x 17cm) singles will ensure the stability of singles pots during production, transportation and marketing.
Holds 6 individual Plant Pots
Individual pressure formed plastic carry trays.
They have one levels of drainage for overhead or sub-irrigation.
All edges are rolled down for comfort and safety when handling.
Produced from a medium strength plastic, in practice no support is requried when carrying (with plant pots in situ)
Each compartment comes with 4 holes at the bottom for irrigation.

Product details

Colour - Black


External = 169x169x128mm (with lip)
Internal = 159x159mm (Top)
Internal = 130x130mm (Bottom)

Volume - 2 litres

External = 565x315x81mm (with lip)
Internal = 139x139x80mm (compartments)